Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Grow List of Early Tomatoes

For the 2013 growing season I grew several varieties from seed and a few from starts.

These tomato plants came from starts purchased at the Seattle Central Community College Plant Sciences Lab and from the Master Gardener Plant Sale, and the plants were transplanted on June 9th into planting holes with Hendrikus Organics Start Right.

  • Sungold F1 (two from SCCC-PSL and one from MGPS) 
  • Green Zebra (from SCCC-PSL) 

These tomatoes were grown from seed, started in Ziploc bags on April 16th, transplanted into starter cells on May 4th, then transferred to 2" cells on May 26th. They were hardened off for a week on the back porch then moved to the back patio and finally transplanted on June 14th into planting beds. The beds were prepared by adding 2-3 inches of compost to a garden mix then covered with black plastic in early May. Start Right was added to each planting hole, and each plant was fertilized with Dr. Earth. Finally, the plants were covered with white plastic in PVC hoops for two weeks until the plastic was finally removed in late June when the daytime temperatures were consistently in the 70s and 80s.

  • "Isis Ruby" F2 (from seed saved from OP 2012 plants that were grown from Isis Candy seed from that resulted in cherry red 1" tomatoes) 

Black Tomatoes:

Red & Green Tomatoes
  • Black and Red Boar F2 (using saved seed from OP 2012 plant) 

Yellow/Orange Tomatoes